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Biological and Environmental Cosmetics Personalization

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MeNow! enables bidirectional matching between compounds  and
users using the very first model of skin diversity.


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 Why MeNow?


  • Scalability: automatically scanning thousands of products, analyzing them according to their ingredients

  • Sustainability: less ressources spent on product development, less need for animal experimentation

  • Agile data collection system, selecting which data to collect based on its predictive value

  • AI system that can reconstruct missing data

  • Reaching millions of customers all around the world

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The challenge:

According to the WHO, around one third of the population suffers from at least one known skin condition. In addition, many background diseases, such as diabetes, impact the skin.

MeNow! is one of the only personalization platform that is taking into account the user's medical profile when making a recommendation. 

The problem:

Many active compounds combined with a multitude of skin types and needs but no biological matching

Biological personalization of  dermocosmetics for every one of your customer, taking into their profile, environment and lifestyle

The Solution:

MeNow! is your map in the cosmetics jungle 


Join us in changing the future of dermocosmetics

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Biological cosmetic personalization using deep tech AI platform

Join us in changing the future of cosmetics!

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