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MeNow! provides an AI-powered, holistic approach to cosmetics personalization, supporting both products’ R&D and a sales platform, offering optimal matching of cosmetics to the clients for an unequalized user experience.

Our solution is based on probabilistic graphical models, enabling us to easily integrate a wide variety of information, whether it be skin microbiome, omics data, general features, lifestyle or background diseases.


We are unique because of how we provide first predictions without the need of any lab test, giving omics predictions and a clear estimate of how much predictability power would be gained for any of the supported test (DNA sequencing, epigenetics, transcriptomics, skin microbiome, skin pH and oiliness).

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Our vision

We strive to create a virtual molecular skin model of every consumer, according to their unique medical profile and their lifestyle, to determine the best product composition for the user and their daily routine.  

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Biological cosmetic personalization using deep tech AI platform

Join us in changing the future of cosmetics!

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